Headlines from China: China’s 2019 Box Office Crossed RMB 60 Billion

China’s 2019 Box Office Crossed RMB 60 Billion 

China box office passed the RMB60 billion mark on December 6 at 10:41 PM, according to the China Movie Data Information Network. Compared with 2018, China met the box office target of RMB60 billion 24 days faster. According to the data from Ent Group, as of December 6, 5 PM, 80 films crossed the RMB 100-million mark in 2019, and 41 of them are local productions. Among them, 15 films crossed the RMB 1-billion mark in 2019, and 10 of them are local films. The 5 top-grossing films of the year are: Ne Zha, The Wandering Earth, Avengers: Endgame, My People My Country, and The Captain. Read more on China News

Court Restricts Zhang Yimou’s Film Producer on High Consumption

On November 22, a Chinese court in Beijing issued an order restricting Zhang Weiping, the long-term work partner of renowned Chinese film director Zhang Yimou, on high consumption. The order was given since Zhang Weiping did not pay Zhang Yimou’s revenue share from the box office of the film A Woman, A Gun, and A Noodle Shop. Zhang Yimou directed the film in 2010, while Zhang Weiping served as the producer. According to the court ruling, Zhang Weiping and his company should pay RMB2,463,600 (~US$350,177) to Zhang Yimou. Until Zhang Weiping fulfills the payment obligation, The order will restrict his consumption in nine categories, including taking high-speed train and airplane, purchasing real estate, renting high-end property, sending children to high-cost private school, etc. Besides A Woman, A Gun, and A Noodle Shop, Zhang Weiping also produced many works of Zhang Yimou, including Hero and The Road Home. Read more on Jiemian