Headlines From China: China and Remake Deals Success for ‘Nocturna’ Argentinian Fantasy Film

China and Remake Deals Success for ‘Nocturna’ Argentinian Fantasy Film

“Nocturna,” an Argentinian-made fantasy film that played last month in the Shanghai International Film Festival’s midnight fantasy section, has been picked up by Chinese company Naropean. Naropean plans to release the film in Chinese theaters in 2021. “For the Chinese-version remake, we plan to complete the script adaptation in 2022, put it into production and release it in China in 2023,” said Li. Alief, Coruya Cine and La Puerta Cinematografica are expected to get executive producer credits. Read more Variety

How Does AI Magic Make Old Chinese Movies Look New?

AI technology is giving old Chinese movies a brand-new look and lending film restorers a helping hand to sail through an otherwise slow and tedious process. “Traditionally, a technician could spend a whole day repairing only around 200 frames. One second of footage contains 25 to 30 frames. So you can imagine how long it would take to repair a movie,” said Zhang Xiaoyun, an associate professor at the Cooperative Medianet Innovation Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University. But AI helps streamline and optimize the task. Read more CGTN