Headlines from China: Can Music Save China’s Satellite TV Networks?

Hip Hop Dance Reality Show “Street Dance of China” Finale Hits All-Time High Ratings

The third season of dance battle TV show “Street Dance of China” was live-streamed for eight hours straight on Chinese video streaming website Youku last weekend. The finale, starring the show’s three star judges Jackson Wang, Lay Zhang and Wang Yibo, has drawn massive viewership all around the web. In retrospective, the entire season has accumulated 20 billion views in total and collected 799 trend topics on the internet and 242 trend topics on the Twitter-like social media platform Weibo. With such record-breaking performance, the show is said to have helped boost street dance from a fringe cultural offering to the mainstream in China. Read more DomoreDumou

Can Music Save China’s Satellite TV Networks?

Once dominant players offering original content, Chinese satellite TV networks have been facing increasing pressure from video streaming platforms as the latter have moved to boost the quality of their productions. Online dramas have proven especially popular thanks to release schedules that allow paid subscribers to binge-watch entire seasons of shows or gain early access to new episodes. Now, even the biggest satellite TV platforms are attempting to emulate the streaming model. Read more Content Commerce Insider