Headlines From China: Busy Shanghai Film Festival Signals Strong Post-Pandemic Rebound

Busy Shanghai Film Festival Signals Strong Post-Pandemic Rebound

Boasting record submissions and additional venues, the 24th edition closes with the presentation of the Golden Goblet Awards, live and in person. To break down physical barriers for exhibition, negotiation and transactions, this year the festival has also expanded its International Film & TV Cloud-Based Market. The market’s new offerings include the ability to negotiate and exhibit films within the virtual platform. Read more Variety

‘Sexiness Cannot Be Too Obvious’: Sabrina Qiu on Her Film Roles

Like Wong’s previous protégés, who often played sizzling roles tailor-made for them by Wong, Qiu already has her share of scantily clad appearances. The actress says audiences tend to find her role in “Chasing the Dragon II: Wild Wild Bunch” (2019), co-directed by Wong, her most memorable. Qiu says the challenge for her is to capture male attention while not offending women. “The sexiness cannot be too obvious and pretentious,” she says. “While sexy actresses cannot avoid a carnal display, they can enrich their roles with their own mannerisms.” Read more South China Morning Post