Headlines from China: Beijing Enlight Media Registering 1818 Trademarks for ‘Ne Zha’

Beijing Enlight Media Registering 1818 Trademarks for ‘Ne Zha’

From August 9 to August 27, Beijing Enlight Media submitted 1818 trademark applications to Chinese authorities, according to sources familiar with the matter. All the 1818 trademarks are related to this summer’s hit animated film Ne Zha, which was released by Enlgiht on August 9. Currently, some of the applications are still under review and have not received approvals. The categories of the trademarks Enlight is applying for range from interior design and insurance to consumer goods and shipping services, which led to the discussion weather Enlight’s behavior is trademark squatting. According to a legal expert named Zhao Zhanling, Enlight is mainly trying to protect itself from IP infringement, as there are already tons of unlicensed merchandise of Ne Zha in the market, which greatly damages Enlight’s benefits. Read more on The Paper

Indian Sci-Fi Blockbuster Struggled at the China Box Office

Since 2017, several Indian film has become box office hits in the Chinese film market. However, Indian Sci-fi action blockbuster 2.0, recently released in Chinese theaters, has fallen short of expectations. Cost US$76 million, 2.0 earned US$150 million in its domestic market, topping the 2018 box office charts of India. However, the film has merely earned RMB17.93 million (US$2.5 million) for 4-day release in China. Read more on People.com