Headlines From China: Beauty Brands Find Their Funny Bones in China

Beauty Brands Find Their Funny Bones in China

While most brands rely on the star power of actors and idols whose passionate fans are willing to make purchases in order to support their favorite celebrities, down-to-earth comedians are emerging as the newest faces of global beauty in China. Stand-up comedy is still a relatively new format in China, and comedians lack anything akin to the established bar and club scene of the United States and other Western countries. Instead, they make their names through open mic events and through televised competitions, but their earning power from live events remains limited. And they are more reliant on digital channels such as livestreaming for income. This creates numerous opportunities for brands to partner with comedians on various platforms and using various creative formats to entertain audiences while introducing products and encouraging purchases. Read more Jing Daily

Condensed Movies That Let You Skip the Cinema Are Clearly Illegal

Short videos that let you “watch a movie in minutes” have become popular in China in recent years. Viewers can take in a film’s most important plot points, scenery, and characters in just a few minutes (usually less than 15). While they save viewers’ time, film companies are naturally unhappy to see their work chopped down. Crucially, many people will not pay to watch the originals after seeing the condensed versions. On April 9, five Chinese video platforms, 53 film and television companies and 15 film and television industry associations issued a joint statement on copyright protection, indicating that they would take legal action to curb the unauthorized editing, cutting, cross-platform posting and distribution of film and television works by operators of social media accounts. Read more Caixin Global