Headlines From China: Asian Shadows Picks Up Venice Days Opener ‘Shen Kong’

Asian Shadows Picks Up Venice Days Opener ‘Shen Kong’

Asian Shadows has picked up international rights to Chen Guan’s “Shen Kong,” which will premiere as the opening film of Venice Days at this year’s Venice Film Festival (September 1-11). The film is produced by Blue-sea HR&CS Macau, with He Xuan and Li Tianyu as producers. Cheng Qingsong, who co-wrote Derek Yee-produced drama “Electric Shadows” in 2004, is on board as an executive producer. Read more Screen Daily

How ‘Why Women Kill’ Became an Unlikely Hit in China

This June marked the return to air of the most talked-about American TV drama in China since “Game of Thrones.” Season 1 of “Why Women Kill,” a sudsy murder mystery that premiered on CBS in 2019, told three stories of marital betrayal, all set in the same suburban mansion and each ending with their heroines’ pain bleeding out onto those around them. Critically derided in the United States, that first season currently enjoys a 9.4 out of 10 rating from roughly 500,000 users on the typically hard-to-please review site Douban. Those ratings have cemented its place among the best received American TV shows in China, alongside classics like “Friends,” “Modern Family,” and “Breaking Bad.” Read more Sixth Tone