Headlines From China: Animated Film ‘Green Snake’ Worms Its Way to No. 1

Animated Film ‘Green Snake’ Worms Its Way to No. 1

“Green Snake,” the Chinese animated sequel to the folktale adaptation “White Snake,” slithered past propaganda films to the top of the box office this weekend with a $29.7 million debut, according to Maoyan figures. The film is the latest work from the ever-improving local animation studio Light Chaser, and once again employs a video game-like aesthetic to tell the constantly reprised fable dating back to the Tang dynasty. Read more Variety

China Still Confounds With Hollywood Locked In Release Date Limbo

July has not been a banner month for Chinese movies — propaganda films released for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the communist party underwhelmed — and the market surely needs, and benefits from, its local hits. But, to maintain its growth (Covid or not), it also needs studio muscle. There are a handful of homegrown titles coming up which have recently been added to the calendar including action/crime pic “Raging Fire” starring Donnie Yen on July 30, and youth drama “Up Coming” on August 13. Read more Deadline