Headlines from China: Alibaba Pictures to Globally Release Jack Ma’s Short Film Gong Shou Dao 

Alibaba Pictures to Globally Release Jack Ma’s Short Film ‘Gong Shou Dao’

Gong Shou Dao, a short film about Chinese martial art, will be available online to audiences worldwide on February 16, according to an official announcement from Alibaba Pictures. Gong Shou Dao stars Alibaba CEO Jack Ma and some of the world’s most legendary martial art masters, such as Jet Li, Wu Jing, and Donnie Yen. The film was released in China in late 2017 and has been viewed over 170 M+ times. Read more on ifeng.com

Chinese New Year Single Day Box Office Exceeds $200 Million

On February 16, the first day of 2018 Chinese New Year, China’s single-day box office earnings reached record-breaking 1.3 billion yuan ($200 million). Monster Hunt 2 topped the charts with a massive $86.7 million, ahead of Detective Chinatown 2 in second place. It seems that people spend less and less time watching TVs or visiting families during this week-long break. Instead, going to the movies is becoming a new habit. In addition to this new habit, the increase of box office revenue can be attributed to the rise of ticket prices. It’s predicted that military themed Operation Red Sea is likely to climb up on the charts within next a few days, while Monkey King 3 is likely to fall behind gradually. Read more on Sansheng

2018: Chinese Filmmakers’ Anxiety and Opportunities

As China grows into the world’s largest film market, the Chinese film industry is gradually becoming an integral part of the international film market. Meanwhile, China is still having a hard time exporting its cultural products to other countries. In this article, the author lists 10 questions Chinese filmmakers constantly ponder nowadays, and the possible solutions to these questions. Read more on yingshigongye