Headlines From China: Alibaba Introduces Taibang Into the Social Commerce Space

App Watch: Alibaba Introduces Taibang Into the Social Commerce Space

On March 1, Kuaishou officially announced the termination of its cooperation with China’s giant in the e-commerce space and cut off Alibaba’s Taobao product links. Last year, other newer platforms like Xiaohongshu and Douyin also made similar moves as they stepped up to create an independent e-commerce space. As these platforms have gradually shifted from reliable traffic pools to direct competitors, it’s little wonder Alibaba felt the urge to build its own social space. Read more Jing Daily

China Resumes License Approval: What’s Next for its Gaming Industry?

On April 11, 2022, China’s National Press and Publication Administration (NPPA), the body in charge of domestic video game licensing, released a list of 45 newly authorized titles. The sudden approval presented a departure from China’s months-long freeze on gaming licenses. The ban imposed last year was an indicator of the government’s discontent with gaming content and the damaging impact of video gaming addiction on young people’s health. China Briefing