Headlines from China: A Look at 2020 Chinese New Year Films

A film still of Lost in Russia

A Look at 2020 Chinese New Year Films

As of November 6, 7 films have been officially scheduled to release in China on the 2020 Chinese New Year’s Day (January 25). According to the official Weibo account of China’s film site Sina Film, the seven scheduled films are Detective Chinatown 3, Lost in Russia, The Rescue, Vanguard, China’s Women Volleyball, plus two animated films Bonnie Bear: The Wild Life and Legend of Deification. According to Maoyan Pro, another three films Jin Chan Xiang Mo, Da Hong Bao, Into the Rainbow will also join the competition, although release dates have yet to be set for these three films. There are three new trends to be seen in this lucrative Chinese new year period. First, among the seven officially scheduled films, five are new installments of existing film series. Second, film genres become increasingly diverse. Once occupied by comedy flicks, cinemas during this year’s Chinese New Year will have some “fresh blood,” such as the classic myth-based animated feature Legend of Deification and sports movie China’s Women Volleyball. Third, film scheduling and promotion start earlier and ealier. Usually, scheduling and promotion of a film begin two or three months before its theatrical release. This year saw upcoming films announcing release dates four to five months in advance. Read more on zhipianrenneican

Previously Cancelled ‘Ride Your Wave’ Secures Release Date

Japanese animated romantic film Ride Your Wave has been re-scheduled to release on December 7. It was previously slated to release this August in the month of Qixi Festival (aka Chinese Valentine’s Day). The story follows a young woman surfer who is rescued by and falls in love with a firefighter in a sudden fire. As the winner of the Best Animated Film in the 2019 Shanghai International Film Festival, Ride Your Wave will be the first work by director Masaaki Yuasa that gets a theatrical release in China. Read more on 1905.com

‘The Upside’ Scores November 22 China Release

The 2017 American film The Upside has landed a November 22 China release. Directed by Neil Burger, the film is a remake of acclaimed French comedy-drama Intouchables, which was made in 2011. The Upside stars Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston, Nicole Kidman and Aja Naomi King. Read more on Mtime