Headlines From China: A Hit TV Crime Series Is Facing an Off-Screen Offense — Piracy

A Hit TV Crime Series Is Facing an Off-Screen Offense — Piracy

Episodes from “Crime Crackdown” released in advance for premium subscribers were found circulating on various social media platforms. Tencent Penguin Pictures has been overwhelmed by piracy concerns after snippets from the series flooded social media sites, including Douyin. The 28-episode series, based on the real-life story of police officers busting organized crime networks, was simultaneously released on leading streaming platform Tencent Video and multiple domestic TV channels on August 9. Read more Sixth Tone

Netflix Acquires China Adoption Documentary ‘Found’

Netflix has picked up worldwide rights to filmmaker Amanda Lipitz’s forthcoming feature documentary Found. The film follows the incredible story of three American teenage girls — each adopted from China — who discover they are blood-related cousins on 23andMe. Their online meeting inspires the young women to confront the burning questions they have about their lost history. When they meet for the first time, they embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to China in search of answers. Netflix plans to release the doc over its platform on Oct. 20. Read more The Hollywood Reporter