Headlines From China: A Good Lesson That Hollywood Must Learn From Chinese Audience

A Good Lesson That Hollywood Must Learn From Chinese Audience

Hollywood is getting more confident in the recovery of the US film market after Warner Bros’ monster mash “Godzilla vs. Kong” scored huge box office returns in early April. Meanwhile, Hollywood is also eyeing the Chinese market, with offerings including Universal’s action film “Fast and Furious 9.” Many observers said that Chinese audiences want to watch films that tell a good Chinese story, and the tear-jerking comedy “Hi, Mom” is a perfect example. The film tells a warm story of a mother-daughter relationship and has grossed 5.397 million yuan as of Thursday, according to Maoyan. Read more Global Times

What China’s Livestreaming Boom Means for International Luxury Retailers

E-commerce livestreaming has been on a global march over the past year, with a steadily growing number of brands and influencers using the format to promote and sell products on Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, and TikTok. But in China, arguably the world’s most sophisticated e-commerce livestreaming market, the global impact is being felt in a different way, with overseas Chinese students, expats and immigrants using livestreaming to sell everything from cosmetics and food products to luxury goods to compatriots back home. Read more Jing Daily