Headlines From China: 4th Hainan International Film Festival Wraps up with Exciting Awards

4th Hainan International Film Festival Wraps up with Exciting Awards

Co-sponsored by China Media Group (CMG) and the People’s Government of Hainan Province, the film festival is dedicated to strengthening international film and culture exchange and collaboration, promoting innovative development in the film industry, and fostering creativity in filmmaking. The HIIFF has become an annual gala for filmmakers and actors globally. This year, a total of 3,761 films from 116 countries and regions were submitted for the Golden Coconut Awards, and a number of important awards were unveiled at the closing ceremony. Read more CGTN

“The Three-Body Problem” Animation Has Exceeded 200 Million Online Broadcasts

Recently, as one of the most representative Chinese sci-fi IPs, “The Three-Body Problem” was adapted into film and television for the first time – the animation version was officially launched on station B, and immediately became the number one hot search on Weibo. 100 million. In the animation, the Chinese cultural characteristics and emotional core presented by the Chinese local production team aroused the empathy of the local audience. Some people in the industry believe that at present, the development space of Guoman is still huge, but there are still few large-scale works like the “Three-Body” animation. Read more Breaking Latest News