Headlines From China: 2021 iQIYI World Conference: ‘We are Together Witnessing the Brand New Future’

2021 iQIYI World Conference: ‘We are Together Witnessing the Brand New Future’

iQiYi held its 2021 iQIYI World Conference (‘the Conference’), themed “We are Together Witnessing the Brand New Future,” in Shanghai on May 13 and 14. The Conference featured 17 forums that were attended by industry professionals, scholars and iQIYI partners from around the world. Attendees at the event exchanged their views on the most important trends in the industry, covering hot topics such as content, technology, the membership economy, the IP ecosystem, and new modes of consumption. In addition to providing strong technology support, building a healthy and orderly environment is widely recognized by the industry as an external guarantee for the sustainable development of the film and television industry. Read more PR Newswire

China’s Hottest Livestream Trend: Fraud

As the commercial livestreaming buzz fades, Chinese influencer agencies are searching for ways to keep viewing figures high. Many are turning to a tried-and-tested method: faking it. In recent years, e-commerce vendors, hip-hop fan groups, and even TV shows have been accused of similar practices. Posing as a potential client, Sixth Tone reaches out to one click farm, which claims to be based in the eastern Anhui province. The click farm’s owner says he can boost any Douyin account by 10,000 followers within six hours. The business offers two levels of fake accounts, according to the owner. “Data accounts” — the most basic option — cost 90 yuan per 1,000, while the more advanced “simulated accounts” are 150 yuan per 1,000. “The latter ones are higher quality — we provide profile photos and nice user names,” he says. “(The platforms) will never detect these simulated accounts are fake.” Read more Sixth Tone