Headlines from China: China’s ‘The Taste of Rice Flower’ to Compete at Venice Days



China’s The Taste of Rice Flower to Compete at 2017 Venice Days

Similar to the Cannes Directors’ Fortnight, Venice Days is an independently run section of  the annual Venice Film Festival. This year, 12 films, including the Chinese film The Taste of Rice Flower, are selected to compete. The Taste of Rice Flower is Chinese filmmaker Peng Fei’s second feature. His first feature Underground Fragrance won a number of awards at international film festivals, including the Fedora Award for Best Film at the 2015 Venice Days. Mtime.


PR Team of Our Shining Days Explains Why They Kneel Down

Our Shining Days, a youth inspirational film, opened theatrically in China on July 20. After 6 days in release, the film has received numerous positive reviews and top rankings on China’s film review sites, such as Douban. However, the film has been failing at the box office, which led the film’s PR team to kneel down and beg audiences to to watch the movie in theaters. Media and audiences criticize this action as a PR stunt. But the film’s PR team explained that their only intention was to apologize for their incapabilities of helping a great film archive the box office success it deserves. 1905.com.


Chinese Film Critics Gathered to Discuss ‘The Founding of an Army’

On July 25, the China Film Archive hosted a conference on The Founding of an Army (Jian Jun Da Ye’), a main melody (aka propaganda) movie directed by Hong Kong filmmaker Andrew Lau who is most notable for his action and crime films. Participating film critics spoke highly of the film, calling it a great combination of main melody movie and genre movie. The Founding of an Army opens on July 27 across China. Sohu.


Zi Zai Media to Continue the Promotion of ‘Dangal’ in China

Zi Zai Media, a Chinese film promotion agency, announced on July 24 that the company has signed a RMB 3.7 million deal with the distributor of ‘Dangal’ to further promote the film in China. Zi Zai Media expressed that the company is looking forward to conducting marketing campaigns for ‘Dangal’ as they believe it will tremendously help them enhance their position in China’s film industry as a leading film promotion firm. Ent Group. 


Alibaba Sets No Limits For its Investment in Tao Piao Piao

Alibaba Pictures recently announced that the company had signed an agreement to acquire another 9.2 percent stock share of Hanzhou Chenxi Multimedia Technology Co, which is the operator behind China’s top online ticketing platform Tao Piao Piao. Alibaba Pictures’ CEO Yu Yongfu said that the company would not set limits for its investment in Tao Paio Piao, as they believe Tao Piao Piao will play an important role in the company’s long-term strategic planning. Mtime.