Headlines from China: Tensions between US and China are Worrisome Says ‘Pandas’ Producer

a still from “Pandas”

Tensions Between US and China are Worrisome Says ‘Pandas’ Producer Drew Fellman

Recently, producer and writer Drew Fellman, who is known for Pandas (2018), Born to Be Wild (2011) and Island of Lemurs: Madagacar (2014), sat down with Xinhua News in Washington DC to talk about his latest documentary Pandas and the current relationship between US and China. Fellman says that “collaborations between US and China benefit both countries, and the US government’s current policies towards China are worrisome.” He also says that his latest film Pandas, which will open in the US on April 6, is a story about collaboration and communication between the two countries. Read more on Sina

98% of Companies Registered in Khorgos Operate Elsewhere?

Recently, Khorgos Economic Development Zone released a statement, ordering government departments to tighten control over business registration process and stop business development efforts. Thanks to its general tax breaks, Khorgos has become home to about 1500 film and media companies. However, due to its inconvenient location, about 98% of the companies registered here operate elsewhere. Therefore, local economy can barely benefit from these companies. It’s likely that the local government will give these already registered companies closer scrutiny in near future. Read more on yiqipaidianying

Short-video Apps Kuaishou and Huoshan Removed from Android App Store

Yesterday, China’s media regulator released a public statement, ordering popular short-video platform Kuaishou to remove inappropriate content. Today, Kuaishou along with another short-video app Huoshan has disappeared from Android app store. Over the past two years, Kuaishou has been criticized by various media outlets as well as the public for allowing extremely vulgar and sensational videos to be uploaded to the platform. It seems that the regulator is series about cleaning up Kuaishou this time. While many believe that technology is innocent, more and more people question such a belief nowadays. Read more on yulechanye

Renny Harlin to Film ‘Operation Somalia’ in Second Half of 2018

Chinese nationalist action film Operation Somalia, which is scheduled to be filmed in the second half of 2018, has successfully ramped up anticipation for its strong backers and creators. Currently, Wanda Film has deeply involved in the film’s development and production. After Detective China 2, Operation Somalia will be one of Wanda Film’s most important projects this year. Another producer of the film is Jindun Film and TV Center of China’s Ministry of Public Security. In addition, the film has secured Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2) as the director and Liu Yi (Wolf Warrior 2) as the screenwriter. After Wolf Warrior 2 and Operation Red Sea, will Operation Somalia become the next nationalistic blockbuster in China? Read more on yiqipaidianying