Headlines From China: Why Are There So Many Production Companies Behind Chinese Films?

Why Are There So Many Production Companies Behind Chinese Films?

It might be surprising to many, but there are over 100 production companies that have co-produced the five most popular Chinese New Year films. The main reason for this is to minimize risks; fantasy film Mojin-The Lost Legend, co-produced by Wanda Group, Huayi Brothers, and Enlight Media, went over budget and cost a total of 250 million yuan ($39 million). For a high-budget film like this, having multiple production companies would certainly make the investment less risky. However, fewer Hollywood films employ the same practice, most likely due to the fact that their box office is more predictable than in China. Read more on Mtime

Box Office: “Operation Red Sea” Is Projected To Reach $625 Million 

Action thriller Operation Red Sea has garnered an accumulated 2.1 billion yuan at the box office so far, having opened less than two weeks ago. Industry professionals believe that the box office would eventually get to 4 billion yuan ($625 million). Opening on Chinese New Year’s day, and having little time for its marketing efforts, Operation Red Sea’s success was not foreseeable at first. However, positive reviews quickly poured in, and in turn, brought ticket sales. The incredible box office numbers of the film also signify that mainstream and modern military films have much potential to succeed. Read more on entgroup.cn

More Family Films Needed In China

While China’s box office has been consistently growing every year, there have not been enough films for the entire family to enjoy. Even Monster Hunt 2, which was marketed as an all-ages film, does not hit the spot for everyone. Family films should be understood as something that entertains people of all ages, while at the same time meets everyone’s values. Some of the family films that have successfully done both are Disney’s Zootopia, Coco, and Bollywood drama film Dangal. Read more on people.cn

Box Office: “Detective Chinatown 2” Becomes Third Highest-Grossing Film

With 2.7 billion yuan in ticket sales, Detective Chinatown 2 is replacing The Fate of the Furious as the third highest-grossing film in Mainland China, right behind action film Wolf Warriors 2, and Stephen Chow’s The Mermaid. Meanwhile, another Chinese New Year film, Operation Red Sea, has been leading the box office for five consecutive days. Read more on Mtime