Headlines from China: ‘Jackie’ Scores China Release Date

A Still from ‘Jackie’

‘Jackie’ Scores China Release Date

American biographical drama film ‘Jackie’ has been scheduled to release across China on January 19, according to an announcement made on December 14 (Beijing Time). Directed by acclaimed Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larrain and starring Natalie Portman, the film follows Jackie Kennedy’s fights through grief and trauma after the assassination of her husband, President John F. Kennedy. Chinese company Bliss Media is one of the producers of the film. Read more on Mtime

THX Forms A Strategic Partnership with China Film Giant Screen

THX, founded by legendary filmmaker George Lucas and known for the certification of world-class cinemas and consumer electronics, has announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with China Film Giant Screen Co., Ltd. (“CGS”), a subsidiary of China Film Group, to develop next generation cinema experience. Last week, THX and CGS jointly announced the opening of China’s first all-THX certified multiplex in Zhuhai, China. Read more on China.com

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Upcoming Chinese-Canadian Co-production ‘The Pride’ Eying International Film Festivals

‘The Pride,’ an art-house drama film co-produced by Canada National Film Productions, Kingsky Production, and Beijing Jiahe Yiwu (嘉禾一武) Pictures, is currently being shot in Toronto, Canada. Directed by Chinese Canadian filmmaker Michael Suan, the film tells life stories of inner city kids in docudrama style. Award-winning Iranian cinematographer Ebrahim Ghafori has also joined the crew as DP. Producers of ‘The Pride’ aim to exhibit the film at international film festivals next year. Read more on Mtime

Bilibili Launches New Initiatives to Support Documentaries

Chinese youngsters’ favorite streaming site Bilibili recently announced “Discovery Plan,” a new initiative that aims to discover and introduce quality documentaries to its users, and also to provide multi-level support to documentary filmmakers.In the past eight years, Bilibili has evolved from a community for anime, comic, and gaming (ACG) fans into a “spiritual home” for over 7,000 culture groups. And documentary groups are among the increasingly more active and prominent groups on the site. Bilibili’s COO Li Ni says that Bilibili’s users represent the most educated and curious young people in China, which is why documentaries have a market on the site. Read more on Ent Group