Headlines from China: Jackie Chan Attends World Premiere of ‘Earth’ Doc

Jackie Chan Attended World Premiere of BBC’s ‘Earth: An Amazing Day’
On August 1 (Beijing Time), the world premiere of BBC Earth Films’ documentary ‘Earth: One Amazing Day’ took place in Beijing with the film’s directors as well as China’s kung fu superstar Jackie Chan in attendance. Chan narrates this documentary, which takes you on a one-day journey through nature. Chan said that he was so fascinated by this documentary that he worked for 6 hours to complete the narration for this documentary. ‘Earth: One Amazing Day’ opens theatrically on August 11 across China. Read more on Mtime

Animation ‘Transformers and Nezha’ to Enter Execution Phase
Two weeks ago, China Central Television (CCTV) announced a partnership with Hasbro, the American toy and game company, to co-produce an animation featuring transformers and Nezha, a character from ancient Chinese mythology. Recently, the project entered the execution phase, which spurred excitement on Chinese social media. Nezha is a popular character among Chinese people who were born in the 80s. Currently this audience is targeted by many businesses, including movie studios, due to their relatively stronger purchasing power compared to other demographics. Read more on Pinwest

The Commercialization of Chinese Propaganda Movies
Two propaganda movies ‘The Founding of an Army’ and ‘Wolf Warrior II’ led China’s box office this past week. Behind their box office success are numerous investors who made the productions possible. Many years ago, propaganda movies were far less popular than they are today, as they were usually boring and stereotypical. Today, Chinese audiences talk about these movies with excitement and passion. Over the past 9 years, 81 propaganda movies have been released in China. And today’s productions of this type of movies are not merely political but also commercial endeavors. Read more on National Business Daily 

LeEco to Restructure its Team for Ongoing Revival
Since Liang Jun replaced Jia Yueting as LeEco’s CEO in May 2017, many organizational changes have taken place within the company. Currently, LeEco is reconstructing its team to enhance its film and TV department. The company’s future business will focus on enhancing its online video site and create original content for this platform. With Sunac’s Sun Hongbin having been voted LeEco’s new chairman, LeEco is expected to improve its cash flow situation going forward. Read more on Jinrongjie

Moviemaking Becomes a Standard Approach for Gaming Companies to Monetize IPs in China
In recent years, movies adapted from popular games have performed well at the box office, which attracts more and more Chinese gaming companies to the film market. Monetizing an IP is becoming as important as creating a great game. At this year’s ChianaJoy, less people talked about what games they are designing and instead, they enthusiastically talk about how they plan to monetize the games they’ve already created. Making movies based on games is a common approach. Read more on Ent Group