Headlines From China: Which Chinese Cities Sell The Most Movie Tickets?

Which Chinese Cities Sell The Most Movie Tickets?

2017 has seen Chinese box office earnings increase by 20% compared to 2016, out of which 30 provinces and cities recorded more than 10% growth in the box office, and 15 of these had at least a 15% growth. Four regions with the best box office growth are Xizang (Tibet), Hainan, Qinghai, and Guizhou. Beijing, on the other hand, has become the slowest growing box office, with only 7.75% of growth from 2016. Even though the growth in box office across China has been slowing down in the two years, new cinemas and screens are still on the rise, making it difficult for some cinemas to be profitable. However, the numbers are of little value to cinema investors; factors such as potential, population, purchasing power and habits all influence the decision to open movie theaters in a city. yiyuguancha

Actress Ma Yili To Be The Promotional Ambassador For “All the Money in the World”

Crime thriller All the Money in the World is set to be released in China March 2, 2018; Chinese actress Ma Yili has been appointed as the promotional ambassador of the film during its showing in China, and a trailer starring Ma has been published. Directed by Ridley Scott, who has a considerable fanbase in China with films like Alien and The Martian, All the Money in the World is based on the book Painfully Rich: The Outrageous Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Heirs of J. Paul Getty, and depicts J. Paul Getty’s refusal to cooperate with kidnappers from a mafia who abducted his grandson John Paul Getty III in 1973. J. Paul Getty was originally played by Kevin Spacey, but was later recast due to Spacey’s sexual misconduct allegations. Read more on Mtime

“The Return of the Pearl Princess” Still The Most-Watched Show In China

Reruns of classic TV show The Return of the Pearl Princess (Huanzhu Gege) have been playing every winter break for the past 20 years, and the show continues to be a favorite among viewers. Along with the period drama, many other classic TV series are also seen being shown year after year across China. TV stations in China attributed this phenomenon to the rising cost copyrighy acquisition for new shows, and an attempt to bring in more advertising revenue with well-liked TV classics. With streaming platforms becoming increasingly popular, it is also expected that money spent obtaining streaming rights will soon surpass that of traditional TV show copyrights. NBD Movies

French Animation “The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales…” Set To Release in China March 16

Directed by Benjamin Renner, French animated anthology film The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales… is going to be released in China March 16, 2018. Titled “Le Grand Méchant Renard et autres contes…” in French, the film retells the fable of the fox and the chickens. The animation has been nominated for Annie Award for Best Animated Feature, and for Lumieres Award for Best Animated Film. Read more on Mtime