Headlines from China: Hengdian Cinemas Go Public, Aiming to Own 400 Movie Theaters by the End of 2018

A Hengdian Cinema in Shen Yang

Hengdian Cinemas Go Public, Aiming to Own 400 Movie Theaters by the End of 2018

On August 22, Hengdian Cinemas received IPO approval. And this is the fifth Hengdian Group-controlled company that went public. According to the current data, Hengdian Cinemas’ scale and market share are still relatively small compared to top film exhibitions in China. Through IPO, the company aims to raise 2.86 billion yuan, and plans to use 2.36 billion yuan to build new cinemas. The company expects to own 400 movie theaters across China by the end of 2018. Read more on jiasuhui

Acclaimed Chinese Director and Actor Jiang Wen to Join Big Budget TV Show

Jiang Wen, acclaimed Chinese director and actor, and one of China’s sky kings, is joining the cast of TV show ‘Cao Cao’, which tells the story of well-known Chinese historical figure of the same name. Last time Jiang played in a TV show was 23 years ago. In addition to having Jiang play Cao Cao, the TV show attracts lots of attention for its 700 million yuan high budget. Read more on Mtime


He Xiaopeng Steps Down as CEO of Alibaba’s Video Site Tudou 

He Xiaopeng, Todou CEO and co-founder of UC Browser, recently announced on WeChat that he was going to step down from his current position at Alibaba, which has been confirmed by Yu Yongfu, chairman of Alibaba’s Digital Media and Entertainment Group. According to Entertainment Capital, Zhou Xiaopeng, former editor-in-chief of Sina and current Vice President of Alibaba’s Digital Media and Entertainment Group, will oversee Tudou after He leaves. Read more on Entertainment Capital

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Which Areas in China Love ‘Wolf Warriors 2’ the Most?

According to the latest box office data, ‘Wolf Warriors 2’ has raked in 5.19 billion yuan. There are various explanations as to why this film succeeds. And one of the unexpected reasons is that the film manages to attract audiences in remote Chinese provinces, such as Qinghai, Xinjiang, and Inner Mongolia. Although all domestic films are released across China, most of the films produced in recent years depict the lives and values of people in first-tier cities and better-developed areas. A film that people from all areas can relate to surely has a better chance to succeed. Read more on Ent Group 

‘Tiny Times’ Director Guo Jingming Accused of Sexual Harassment

Recently, Chinese writer, director, and businessman Guo Jingming was accused of sexual harassment on Weibo by one of the writers signed by his company. “Guo Jingming sexual harassment” soon became a hot topic on Chinese social media. Gained initial fame as a young writer back in 2001, Guo then went on to become a businessman and built his own entertainment empire. Over the past ten years, Guo has been involved in various controversies including a number of copyright infringement cases. Read more on yuledujiaoshou