DAILY BRIEF: Jul 10, 2017


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    The Tibetan pilgrimage film that took on Transformers in China’s cinemas and broke a box office record

    Zhang Yang’s austere road movie Paths of the Soul, shot with a cast of amateurs, has become the highest-grossing Tibetan-language film screened in China; now he and producer Li Li hope to repeat its success. South China Morning Post

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    In China, IP is hot property, as adaptations for big and small screen promise huge returns

    The intellectual property bandwagon is speeding through the Chinese film industry – and no wonder, when even those who disparage the trend are busy adapting books, graphic novels and games. South China Morning Post

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    China Tightens Control of Film, TV as Major Political Events Loom

    The Chinese government is tightening control of film and TV and cranking up its propaganda machine to ensure a “unified atmosphere” in the run-up to politically sensitive events and anniversaries this fall. Variety

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    China Box Office: ‘Despicable Me 3’ Opening is Franchise High

    The delayed release of “Despicable Me 3” comfortably dominated the box office in China. Over the weekend it ran off with $63.5 million according to Ent Group, a Chinese box office tracker, and $66 million according to Universal. Variety

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    Bollywood Conquers China? Not Quite

    Released in December 2016, the Bollywood hit Dangal has performed surprisingly well in China. Should this film be seen as a sign of India’s growing soft power vis-à-vis China? A writer for the South China Morning Post certainly believes so. Yet, the growing success of Indian films can equally be seen as a win for Chinese policymakers looking to maneuver in a multilateral world. The Diplomat