DAILY BRIEF: Jun 10, 2021


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    Wish Dragon's Jimmy Wong Explores the Film's Celebration of Chinese Culture

    Jimmy Wong discusses his role as Din in Netflix's "Wish Dragon" and explores how the animated film joyfully celebrates Chinese culture. CBR

  • 2

    China Bans Nose Picking and Spanking in Moral Panic Over Intimate Online Videos

    Picking your nose or getting a spanking will get you banned from streaming on China's biggest internet platform WeChat. Daily Star

  • 3

    Sci-Fi Series 'The Stars,' 'Three-Body' in Development

    Tencent Video announced on Monday the award-winning sci-fi novel "The Stars" will be adapted into an online series, while the much-anticipated "Three-Body" has entered post-production. China.org

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    Bytedance Rages Against Tencent Over Link Blocking. Here’s Why

    ByteDance, the owner of the viral video platform TikTok and Douyin, briefly attacked Chinese tech giant Tencent in a long, strident online post on Friday. Technode