What the Critics Think: Crosscurrent (2015)

Every day while CFI’s Hollywood readers take in the business of the Chinese film industry, the actual movies can sometimes seem exotic or remote. But in major US cities, mainstream Chinese films are increasingly available: thanks to Wanda’s purchase of AMC and distributors like China Lion, they get American theatrical releases practically simultaneous to their premieres at home. Though they receive virtually no publicity outside the non-Chinese community, these films are more than worth seeking out by anyone serious about engaging the Chinese industry, understanding the Chinese sensibility and familiarizing themselves with China’s talent pool. Periodically, CFI will review and point readers in the direction of noteworthy US releases of contemporary commercial and independent Chinese titles.

Chinese: 长江图 (Chang Jiang Tu) | Release:__ | Studio: Trend Cultural Investment Co., Ray Production, Just Show Production Beijing, Shandong Jiabo Culture Development Co
Producers: Wang Yu, Ha Bo | Director: Yang Chao | Cast: Qin Hao, Xin Zhilei, Wu Linpeng, Wang Hongwei, Jiang Hualin

Premiered at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival.

Variety — “Berlin Film Review: ‘Crosscurrent’,”  by Maggie Lee, February 17, 2016
“Yang Chao’s gorgeously shot meditation on the Yangtze River all but drowns in pretentious symbolism and philosophical musings.”

Twitchfilm—“Berlinale 2016 Review: CROSSCURRENT Channels The Poetry Of Confusion,”  by Thomas Humphrey, February 16, 2016
“This divisive film certainly falls into a similar Chinese New Wave groove thanks to its maddeningly riddle-like nature and strongly ambiguous atmosphere.”

One Room With a View—”‘Crosscurrent’ – Berlinale 2016 Review” by Eddie Falvvey, February 16, 2016
“Aided by some truly breathtaking cinematography, Yang Chao’s Crosscurrent is a hallucinatory experience that ultimately has far less to say than it thinks it does.”

The Hollywood Reporter — “‘Crosscurrent’ (‘Chang Jiang Tu’): Berlin Review,” by Deborah Young, February 15, 2016
“Beautiful romanticism in search of a narrative shore.”

Screen Daily — “‘Crosscurrent’: Berlin Review,” by Lee Marshall, February 15, 2016
“Crosscurrent pays back some of its viewer investment in the final quarter, when the battered hulk of a boat enters the Three Gorges Dam.”

Dog and Wolf — “Crosscurrent,”  by Mark Wilshin, February 15, 2016
“An ambitious portrait of modern China, Yang Chao’s Crosscurrent is a poetic knot of yearning, mourning and the shifting sands of time.”


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