China’s Road Pictures Set To Remake ‘Run Lola Run’

Run, Lola Run, the 1998 hit German film, is set to be remade into a Chinese version, Beijing-based Road Pictures announced Wednesday.

Road Pictures has secured remake rights to the film, the company’s chairman Cai Gongming announced at an event on the sidelines of the Beijing International Film Festival.

Chinese actress Zhu Zhu (Marco Polo, above) is set to take the titular role made famous by Franka Potente. She will also serve as a producer.

The remake is one of six projects Road Pictures has lined up for 2017, including Andrew Niccol’s sci-fi thriller Anon, starring Clive Owen and Amanda Seyfried, which just wrapped up production.

The company is also investing in The Diamond Age, an adaptation of the 1995 science fiction novel by Neal Stephenson. Karl Gajdusek (Oblivion) will write the script while Lauren Selig (Hacksaw Ridge) and Barry Levine (Oblivion) will produce.

The company also announced TV series Creation of Gods (封神), which will present a well-known Chinese myth to US audiences. David Hayter (X-Men) will be screenwriting with Lloyd Levin (Tomb Raider) producing. Hayter and Levin have previously worked on The Watchmen together.

Another project, a sci-fi rom-com called Jixie Qingdi 机械情敌 in Chinese, will have Stephen Hamel (Passengers) and Anthony Hines (Borat, Brüno) screenwriting.

Some of the projects unveiled at the event include ones that were earlier announced in late 2015 when the company launched a US$50 million production fund.

Those include action comedy US 66 and Shuang Mian Tegong (Double Agent) a previously unnamed, Kurt Wimmer-scripted action thriller produced by Steven Chasman (The Transporter).

Road Pictures’ China-Italy co-pro Caffè (咖啡风暴) is directed by Cristiano Bortone, and is in contention at the Beijing International Festival this year.