Perhaps more noteworthy than shifts in the more standard video platform rankings is the impact of short video apps and live streaming. Kuaishou, the much-derided short video editing, and sharing app, now ranks fourth with 109.4 million MAU – ahead of LeShi TV and growing at 65 percent.

If Miaopai, the video sharing, and live streaming app, is counted then it ranks above Kuaishou with 276.5 million MAU, pushing Tudou out of the Top 10. Mobile video is growing in other ways. News aggregator app Jinritoutiao (今日头条)now sees over half its daily active users watching video, peaking at 9 pm, the same time Meipai peaks for live streaming.

Further blurring of categories is probably to be expected across mobile with the increasing push towards user generated content and social aspects of mobile video apps (and of many other apps, such as Alipay’s infamous attempt) and increasing use of video by social media apps.

The report contains many more insights into mobile use, such as under-24s increasing their time spent on apps by over 12 percent year on year to March to break the three-hour/day barrier; takeaway service app use surging 75 percent (103 percent in February – remember the cold and pollution?); mobile email use is falling 4.8 percent to 93.4 million MAU and the plateauing of mobile VR viewers at 5.4 million MAU after falling from six million in November 2016.

— This article originally appeared on TechNode.