China’s Internet Queen Papi Jiang Joins Q&A Platform Fenda

China’s most famous web celeb Papi Jiang announced on her Weibo account that she will be joining Chinese online Q&A platform Fenda (分答) to serve as the community leader of Fenda’s App Papi group.


Fenda allows users to ask a KOL (key opinion leader) any question by promising to pay a certain amount for the answer, a bit like Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything”, but with paid content. The viral app has so far hosted some of the biggest names from Chinese internet and entertainment stars, athletes, and even real experts like scientists and economists.

With her sharp tongue and humor, Papi Jiang has become one of the most popular online star or wanghong in China. The 30-year-old drama school graduate and self-proclaimed “left-over woman” has attracted investments amounting to RMB 12 million. She has also attracted attention from Chinese watchdog SAPPRFT (State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and TV) for her vulgar language. That, however, did not stop her from earning an impressive RMB 22 million for her first advertisement in April 2016.

According to her deal with Fenda, users can pay RMB 79 for half a year or RMB 99 for a full year to join Papi Jiang’s community. The online group can join in Q&A, small talk and community exchanges with Papi Jiang. The web celeb also announced that this community will be different than her previous “HD format”.

“I’m not your life coach, and I’m not going to set any standard of success here. I’ll just be your strongest ally, I’ll talk to you, think hard, and kill off your so-called ‘standard life’.” Papi Jiang said.

Papi Jiang still plans to continue her regular broadcasts through Papitube.

— This article originally appeared on TechNode.