PACT Presents “China Webinar: Working with China on Movies”

On September 26, China media and entertainment lawyer Mathew Alderson will be discussing how movie and TV producers can “make the most of the opportunities China offers” as part of a FREE webinar. Go here to register.

PACT, “the trade association representing the commercial interests of UK independent television, film, digital, children’s and animation media companies,” is putting on this webinar and it describes it as follows:

To shine some light on how producers can make the most of the opportunities China offers, we have invited Mathew Alderson, Partner at Harris Bricken to take part in a webinar. Mathew is a transactional entertainment lawyer based in Beijing. He has a wealth of knowledge about the Chinese TV and Film industries and will share his experiences about working with China.

Topics to be discussed include:

–    An overview of China
–    Information about SART and how they work in the market
–    The biggest mistakes companies make when working in/with China
–    An explanation of how copyright works in China
–    The benefits of working within the co-production treaty
–    Contracts and Chinese law
–    How companies can protect their IP
–    Chinese quotas
–    Payment in China, tax, and additional costs
–    Legal representation

To register for this webinar, click here. I remind you that it’s free.

PACT (quite accurately) describes Mathew as follows:

Mathew Alderson is a transactional entertainment lawyer in Beijing. He represents major Hollywood studios, major tech companies, and gaming companies, as well as independent producers and distributors. Mathew frequently advises UK companies on the structuring of projects in order to minimize the impact of quotas and other restrictions on foreign content in China. Mathew focuses on protecting his clients’ IP and reducing their exposure to payment defaults in China. He handles China theatrical and episodic projects from development through production and distribution. Mathew is the author of the UK-China Film & TV Toolkit and a frequent contributor to China Law Blog.

We would add that Variety Magazine described Mathew as a “game-changing” lawyer rocking the movie biz for Mathew’s leading- edge work as a China entertainment lawyer.

You do not want to miss this, so go here and register.


– This article originally appears on China Law Blog.