The Inaugural DnA Shenzhen Fair Sets Its Eye On China’s Emerging Art Hub

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"Now is a good opportunity to come to Shenzhen and grow up with this city," says organizer Kylie Ying. Read More

With A Tencent Partnership, Sanxingdui Museum Goes All In On Its Cultural IP

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Sanxingdui Museum signed a cooperation agreement with Tencent to integrate its intellectual property (IP) with the tech company’s music and video game departments. Read More

If It’s Creative And Collectible, It’s At Alibaba Design Week

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Alibaba's five-day signature event is set to gather contemporary artists, collectible retailers, and museum stores in a celebration of creativity. Read More

Universal Studios Beijing To Boost Its Cultural Offerings With Gaming IP

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With its landmark partnership with Tencent Interactive Entertainment Group, Universal Studios Beijing is set to integrate popular IPs from Honor of Kings to Peacekeeper Elite into its programming. Read More

Film Review: The Wild Goose Lake

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In The Wild Goose Lake, director Diao Yinan maintains the tense nocturnal atmospherics of his crime thriller Black Coal Thin Ice. He may swap out a biting North Chinese winter for the lush environs of a rain-soaked town in Wuhan’s hinterlands, but all the hallmarks of a neo-noir remain. The Wild Goose Lake” opens in New York on Friday, March 6 at Film Forum. Read More


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