‘Rock and Roast’ Gets Roasted

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The latest season of the hit stand-up comedy show bombed with audiences. Read More

The Instability Of China’s Top Livestreamers Could Be A Blessing In Disguise

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Over the last year, some of China’s most influential livestreamers went silent, only to reappear in recent months. But this might be a good thing for labels in the long run. Read More

Headlines From China: TV Adaptation of Award-Winning Chinese Sci-Fi Novel Coming Soon

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TV Adaptation of Award-Winning Chinese Sci-Fi Novel Coming Soon. Read More

How Brands Can Avoid the Wrong Celebrity or Influencer in China

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"How can I choose the right influencer in China?” Read More

CFI Interview: Alexis Garcia, Partner of Endeavor Content

 /  Interview  / 
As a company that's not afraid to disrupt and reinvent itself, Endeavor's ambition and savviness is demonstrated in the China market as well. Read More

U.S.-China Summit to Address Evolution of Sino-Hollywood Business Ties

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In addition to film and television, this year’s Summit will explore topics such as streaming, gaming and the online marketplace for everything from short-form video to crowd-sourced story ideas. Read More

Chinese Indie Films Meet Hollywood at 2nd Los Angeles Chinese Film Festival

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In a town where China is mainly seen as the largest foreign market for American studios and filmmakers to capitalize upon, the Los Angeles Chinese Film Festival has decided to bring a more nuanced China to people in Hollywood. Read More

How to Find Opportunities in China’s Film Industry, From a European Perspective

 /  Interview  / 
Cristiano Bortone, Managing Director of Bridging The Dragon, spoke to CFI on the founding of the organization, co-production trends, the group's newly launched initiative, and its upcoming event at the Cannes Film Festival. Read More

CFI Interview: Miao Xiaotian, President of China Film Co-production Corporation

 /  People  / 
If you are a filmmaker who is exploring the possibilities of co-producing films with China, China Film Co-production Corporation is a key organization that you must work with. Read More

CFI Interview: Janet Yang-Producer & Chair of U.S.-China Film Summit

 /  China Film Insiders  / 
Janet Yang, celebrated film producer and Chair of the U.S.-China Film Summit, spoke to CFI on the planning of this year’s summit (Nov. 1) and why you should not miss it. Read More


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