The 3rd Edition of Indywood Film Carnival to Kick off on December 1

The prestigious Indywood Film Market has been instrumental in connecting the Western cinema powerhouses with the rising cinema industries of the East.

Sohan Roy, Hollywood Director and Founding Chairman of Indywood Film Carnival. Courtesy of Indywood Film Carnival.

It all started with a vision. To build a platform that would integrate and give every cinema ever produced a shot at a global run, irrespective of language and territory of origin. Thus was born the $10 billion Project Indywood. From its inception in 2015, the inspiration behind the project and its flagship event, the Indywood Film Carnival, was to better the recipe of success followed by Hollywood. By creating an efficient distribution network, unifying fragmented regional film industries, adding more releasing screens and ensuring a global PR through collaborations and scripts that would appeal to a wider audience.

The Indian film industry alone is estimated to be over $3 Billion in its present form. With over 15 regional film industries, and a huge appetite for consumption of cinema, India ranks top in terms of theatrical admissions and number of films released every year. Yet it lags in number of available screens compared to China’s and USA’s 41,000+ screens each.

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As filmmakers and distributors worldwide tap into this burgeoning space, Project Indywood aims to add over 10,000 theatre screens and 100,000 home theatre screens to meet the growing consumer demand for world-class viewing experience by the year 2020. There is also requirement for 1000 4D theatres and 500 advanced giant screens. Understandably, the potential that these two countries have is immense. Reason enough for the West to begin taking the Indian market as seriously as they have taken the Chinese market in recent times.

The Indywood Film Carnival has been acting as the showcase event of this mega project. This year alone, the event will bring together 300+ exhibitors, 5000+ industry specific delegates, 500+ potential investors, innovators, technology disruptors, social influencers, and filmmakers from over 80 countries. The carnival will be held at the iconic Ramoji Film City, the world’s largest integrated film park.

The Indywood Film Market, which is a standalone specialty tech expo conducted as part of the carnival, will have an exhibition floor space of 3000 It will play host to over 300 companies exhibiting in 4 product categories. These include:

  1. Technology Expo: Connecting authentic cinema technology providers with the industry’s most passionate stakeholders.
  2. Theatre Expo: Connecting theatre screening and construction consultants with aspiring business groups.
  3. Production Expo: Connecting film makers with global production consultants
  4. Sales & Distribution Expo: Connecting film agents, content scouts and distributors with film makers and content providers.