Headlines from China: Urban Women-themed TV Drama Gets 5.6 Billion Views

Urban Women-themed TV Drama Gets 5.6 Billion Views

“Nothing But Thirty,” a Chinese hit TV drama about urban women, has racked up more than 5.6 billion views online as of Tuesday since its July 17 release. It has topped the daily online video view chart for Chinese TV dramas, which is compiled by Maoyan, a platform that provides film and TV drama data, for the past 23 consecutive days. The hit drama revolves around the lives of three vastly different women who take matters into their own hands as they come across different challenges in life in their 30s. Featuring a fresh narrative that centers around independent women who fight for their own problems, “Nothing But Thirty” is a rare, high-quality domestic TV show that seeks to tell realistic tales of struggles for women living in the city. Entertainment Unicorn

Tencent Delivers An Impressive Quarterly Financial Performance In Q2

Driven by strong games, music and media performances between April and June, Tencent delivered a robust quarterly financial performance through the depths of the coronavirus crisis. Group revenue in the second quarter was up by 29% to RMB114 billion ($16.3 billion), with net profits climbing by 37% to RMB32.4 billion ($4.63 billion). Notably, the company’s massively successful app WeChat—which recently became the target of an executive order ban by U.S. president Donald Trump, has also claimed 203 million paying subscribers to its music, video and library services, with 114 million alone for its streaming video platform in Q2. Read more wepingwest