Headlines from China: Unravel the Successful Formula of IQiyi’s ‘Light On Theater’ Initiative

Unravel the Successful Formula of IQiyi’s ‘Light On Theater’ Initiative 

The fast growing popularity of “The Bad Kids”, a suspenseful drama series that makes headlines and generates wide discussions on the Internet, marks another successful release of Chinese streaming giant iQiyi’s “Light On Theater” initiative. The “Light On Theater” is a new unit on iQiyi’s website which contains six upcoming suspense and thriller web series that will be released sequentially this year (“The Bad Kids” is the second release in this lineup). In the hope to match with its American counterpart, the “Light On Theater” is a new business model of content production where iQiyi is testing the water with these pathbreaking genre web series. Read more IP-Valuer 

Why So Many Chinese Film Directors Fond of Chongqing City?

Chongqing is probably one of the most cinematic cities in China. Many Chinese directors have chosen this city to shoot their films because of the numerous iconic locations and distinctive geographic characteristics that it has. According to unofficial statistics, there were about 100 film crews and 200 film crews came to Chongqing respectively in 2018 and 2019. With the trailer of Zhang Yimou’s new film released last week, the megacity in southwest China grabbed our attention once again. So why so many films, especially suspense films chose Chongqing to be the location where these cinematic stories took place? Read more 1905.com