Headlines from China: The Evolving Images of Chinese Women In Chinese Cinema

The Evolving Images of Chinese Women In Chinese Cinema

Chinese netizens have been discussing about women’s equality after the successful debut of the reality television show “Older Sisters Who Brave the Winds and Waves”. Featuring a group of actresses and singers who are over 30, this program draws attention and applause for its candid and positive portrayal of women that is rarely seen in Chinese entertainment business. China’s economic growth has greatly lifted women’s social status in the past 30 years—this can be seen not only in reality TV shows, but also in films. Regarding women’s representation on the big screen, what has changed over time? Read more yiqipaidianying

What Does The Future Hold For Shows Made By Original Script?

The surprise hit web series ”The Romance of Tiger and Rose” (right) has received wide acclamation for its unconventional characters and twisted plots. Recently, another web series “Don’t Want to be Friends With You” (left), made entirely out of an original script, is also gaining popularity for its unique storyline and whimsical storytelling. These successful examples have shown to us the potential of content created by original scripts. There used to be a lot of original TV shows in the market, but recent years has seen the industry gave up original shows to the numerous but repetitive IP stories. Will we start to see more shows made by original scripts in the future? Read more 1905.com