Headlines from China: Promotional Video of Alibaba Pictures’ ‘Peppa Pig’ Movie Goes Viral 

Promotional Video of Alibaba Pictures’ ‘Peppa Pig’ Movie Goes Viral 

On January 17, a promotional video for Alibaba Pictures’ upcoming film Peppa Pig Celebrates Chinese New Year was released on the film’s official Weibo account. This video quickly went viral and has been widely shared on Weibo as well as WeChat. Titled What’s Peppa, the film is centered a round Li Yubao, an old man who lives in a rural area alone. After learning that his 3-year old grandson who lives in Beijing wants “Peppa” as a Chinese new year gift, Li is confused and goes on a hilarious yet touching journey of finding out what exactly is “Peppa.” Read more on Sina

Jia Zhangke Attends China Premiere of Cathy Yan’s ‘Dead Pigs’ 

On January 6, the China premiere of Cathy Yan‘s Dead Pigs took place in Beijing. The film’s executive producer Jia Zhangke and lead actress Vivian Wu attended the event along with other cast and crew members. Based on a true event, the film features a bumbling pig farmer, a feisty salon owner, a sensitive busboy, an expat architect and a disenchanted rich girl. They converge and collide as thousands of dead pigs float down the river towards a rapidly-modernizing Shanghai. Cathy Yan was absent from the premiere event, as she is filming the DC film Birds of Prey in the U.S. Dead Pigs is set to open in Chinese theaters on January 25. Read more on Mtime

Hit Japanese Film ‘Kon’ya Romance Gekijô De’ Set for Valentine’s Day China Release

It’s just announced that Kon’ya Romance Gekijô De, a 2018 Japanese romantic fantasy drama film directed by Hideki Takeuchi and starring Haruka Ayase and Kentarô Sakaguchi, has been scheduled to release in China on Feburary 14th, Valentine’s Day. In the film, an assistant director and film fan gets his wish come true when his favorite heroine, a princess from an old film, appears in real world. The film took the director nine years to make and pays tribute to several classic  films, such as The Purple Rose of Cairo, Cinema Paradiso and Titanic. Read more on Mtime