Headlines from China: Previously Cancelled ‘The Eight Hundred’ May Still Open This Year

Previously Cancelled ‘The Eight Hundred’ May Still Open This Year

Recently, Wang Zhongjun, CEO of Huayi Brothers, attended the summer summit of Yabuli Forum and said that he was looking forward to the release of war epic The Eight Hundred at the end of this year. Directed by Guanhu, the film was previously set to open in Chinese theaters on July 5 but the theatrical release was unexpectedly cancelled. It’s rumored that the film costs RMB 500 million to make and the cancellation of its release led to serious cash flow issues for its producer Huayi Brothers. Wang Zhongjun revealed that he sold some of the art works he collected to help his firm get through this tough period. Read more on Mtime

Ang Lee’s ‘Gemini’ to Release in China in October? 

It is rumored that Gemini, Ang Lee’s latest feature film, has scored an October 18 release date in China. An official announcement has not been announced yet. The film will be screened in 3D at 120 frames per second and 4k resolution in the North American market, where its release date has been set for October 11. It is claimed that the film will also screen the 120-fps version in some theatres in China. Read more on Mtime