Headlines from China: ‘Damp Season’ Produced by Pema Tseden and Geng Jun Enters IFFR

A still from ‘Damp Season’

‘Damp Season’ Produced by Pema Tseden and Geng Jun Enters IFFR

Produced by Pema Tseden and Geng Jun, the drama feature film Damp Season is selected into the Bright Future section at the 49th International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR). This is the first fictional feature film by Chinese filmmaker Gao Ming. Previously, Gao directed a documentary feature film named Pai Gu. In addition, two Chinese-language films, Diao Yinan’s The Wild Goose Lake and Yonfan’s animated film No.7 Cherry Lane, will also be screened at the IFFR. The 2020 festival will take place from January 22 to February 2 in Rotterdam, Netherland. Read more on Qiyudianying

Zhang Yimou Starts Shooting ‘Impasse’ in China’s Snow Town

Zhang Yimou has reportedly started filming his new film Impasse in Xuexiang, also known as ‘snow town’ in northeastern China’s Heilongjiang Province. According to the publicly available information, Impasse is a spy drama set during the World War II. The names of the two main characters are exactly the same as the characters in the 2012 Chinese television series Cliff. In fact, the script of Impasse is written by Quan Yongxian, who was also the screenwriter of Cliff. It made some people wonder if Zhang Yimou cast the same acters in Cliff to play the main chracters in Impasse. Read more on 1905.com