Headlines from China: ‘Jojo Rabbit’ Postpones China Release 

‘Jojo Rabbit’ Postpones China Release 

China’s National Alliance of Arthouse Cinemas today announced the cancellation of the February 12 release of Jojo Rabbit, directed by Taika Waititi, as the coronavirus outbreak is still ongoing. The new release date will be notified on another day. In addition, the Enigma Of Arrival, a local romance drama directed by Song Wen, has also been confirmed the cancellation of its February 14 release. In February 2019, the Chinese film market delivered US$160 million at the box office, breaking the highest box office record of the single-month in a single territory. This year, February may become a tough month for the Chinese film industry. Read more on Mtime

Hengdian World Studio Waives Rental Fees During the Halt of Productions

China’s Hengdian World Studio released a statement that promising to ease the pressure on film production teams, during the time when film shoots have been suspended in light of the coronavirus outbreak. Hengdian will waive rental fees for soundstages and exterior filming bases. Film crew will be exempt from room charges in the hotels under Hengdian studio. In addition, the company will offer background actors a monthly allowance of 300 yuan (~US$43) for rent and 200 yuan for living costs, until the shooting can be restarted. The statement also encourages people to keep positive. “We believe that the haze will eventually dissipate. Let us not be afraid of the storm, and look forward to the warm spring and blossom with full expectation and confidence.” Read more on 1905.com