Headlines from China: IQiyi Lost A Lawsuit On Controversial ‘Advance Watching Pay View’ Mode 

IQiyi Lost A Lawsuit On Controversial ‘Advance Watching Pay View’ Mode 

Last December, Chinese streaming giants iQiyi and Tencent Video, simultaneously launched a new pay view mode where VIP members can pay extra RMB if they want to watch the then-trending web series “Joy of Life” before its official release date. This controversial move inevitably brought in a huge wave of oppositions and criticisms from users who believe that VIP members do not need to pay more money to watch contents if they have already paid to become VIP in the first place. After six months of trial, the lawsuit against iQiyi’s “advance watching pay view” mode is closed today. However, it is notable that the adjudication did not consider “advance watching pay view” as an unlawful business model. Read more htysda

‘The Most Difficult’ Graduation In History—Where Will 2020 Film Graduates Go After School?

Annual college graduation is around the corner, the class of 2020 often mock themselves for being the class that graduate in the most difficult year in recent human history. Because of lockdown and social distancing policy, many in-person graduation ceremonies have been canceled and replaced by online celebration. For film students in particular, the post-graduation life looks grim because the film industry has been the most affected industry since the pandemic started. What does the current job market look like for recent graduates? How should they adapt to the industry’s “new normal”? Read more yiqipaidianying