Headlines from China: Idol Competition Reality Show ‘Chuang 2020’ Warps With Lukewarm Reception

Idol Competition Reality Show ‘Chuang 2020’ Wraps With Lukewarm Reception

Idol competition reality TV show “Chuang 2020”, the third season of the phenomenal reality show “Producer 101” that inaugurated China’s idol business in 2018, just wraps its final episode last Saturday. “Chuang 2020” did not perform very well in the market due to its awkward timing in between two hit idol shows “Youth with You 2” and “Sisters Who Make Waves.” The final episode did not make any big splash on the social media as well. Read more Entertainment Capital

Variety Announces Launch of Variety China

Last week, Variety has announced the launch of Variety China, a Chinese-language edition that will feature original as well as syndicated Variety content that is geared towards the Chinese audience. Although the first print issue will not be made until September, Variety China has already dived into the Chinese market and collaborated with one of the most popular Chinese reality shows “KEEP RUNNING”. What can this early collaboration bring to Variety China and what it means to run a print magazine in the Chinese media landscape that is largely digitalized already? Read more Entertainment Capital