Headlines from China: Hong Kong Government Announces Local Film Industry Revival Initiative

Hong Kong Government Announces Local Film Industry Revival Initiative

The Commerce and Economic Development Bureau of Hong Kong just announced a five-tier plan to boost the local region’s film industry with a total of $33.5 million dollars film development fund. Many Hong Kong  directors including Wong Kar-wai, Derek Yee and  Peter Chan are among the leading filmmakers who will participate in the initiative to help promising filmmakers to make movies. In addition to the hands-on filmmaking component led by these famous directors, more than $1.05 million will also be funneled into a screenwriting program that aims to produce 40 scripts in the future. Read more Mtime

Bona Film Group Revealed Plans to Shoot a Film About China’s Fight Against COVID-19

The Chinese film and distribution company Bona Film Group recently announced its plans to shoot a film about how China took on the coronavirus outbreak. The producers are enlisting the help of the leading epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan—who have led China’s battle against the virus, to turn China’s COVID-19 control achievements into an authentic and compelling story worthy of the silver screen. A lot has been said about China’s anti-epidemic measures as the battle grabbed international headlines, drawing cheers from some and jeers from others. Zhong believes that the upcoming film should show the human side of the story to cut through the political noises. Read more Glofilm