Headlines from China: Shanghai International Film Festival 2020 Sets to Open on July 25

Shanghai International Film Festival 2020 Sets to Open on July 25

Much to the  delight of move fans and industry professionals, the 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) will open on July 25 with a mixed format of in-person and virtual events, the organizers announced on Friday. It will be the first large-scale cinematic event to be held in China and even around the globe since the pandemic started in January. The festival’s timing also means that it will now overlap with the well-regarded FIRST Film Festival that opens on July 26, one day after the SIFF. Read more SIFFinShanghai

Cinema Reopening and the Guidelines to Reopen

On Thursday, filmmakers, theater staff and movie fans tearfully welcomed the long-awaited news of theater reopening announced by the China Film Administration. Along with the announcement, the administration also distributed a guideline on the sector’s work resumption, containing many special and specific instructions on how to properly ensure the smooth rerun of the exhibition business. The guideline also stipulates that the public can only buy tickets from real-name registered online platform. So what are those rules for theaters to reopen in low-risk areas, and how should the industry follow them to ensure safety? Read more yiqipaidianying