Headlines from China: Chinese Movie Theaters Have No Movies to Show

Chinese Movie Theaters Have No Movies to Show

Starting from February 20, Chinese cinemas will have no movies to show at all even if government-ordered shutdown is going to an end in some regions. It is mainly because titles previously scheduled to open during the Chinese New Year and February have all cancelled their theatrical releases in response to the Covid-19 outbreak. In the meantime, films opened before the Chinese New Year couldn’t continue their theatrical run as their encrypted keys expired one after another during the time of shutdown. Ip Man 4, the Donnie Yen-starring action film opened on Dec. 25, has the latest expiration date, which is today-February 19.Read more on yiqipaidianying 

Beijing to Subsidize Film and Television Projects Affected by Coronavirus 

On Feb.19, Beijing city officials announced 28 measures to support the cultural industries amid the coronavirus outbreak. Sectors such as film, live-performance and tourism will benefit from the new policies. For Chinese new year films produced in Beijing, the municipal government will offer a one-time subsidy to make up for their marketing and publicity expenses. Another type of special subsidies will be given to key projects that had to suspend their production due to the epidemic. As to the film exhibition sector, Beijing will enhance its financial support for small theaters that are struggling to survive and theaters that will show domestic productions. In addition, the government will prioritize new film projects on specific themes, including “building a moderately prosperous society,” celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party, as well as the fight against the epidemic. Read more on Mtime