Headlines from China: Chinese Director Chloe Zhao Takes Home Top Prize at Venice Film Festival

Chinese Director Chloe Zhao Takes Home Top Prize at Venice Film Festival

Chinese-born director Chloe Zhao just received the Golden Lion award for her film “Nomadland” at the 77th Venice Film Festival. Since Sofia Coppola picked up the top prize in 2010, no other female director has taken home the prize in almost a decade’s time. Featuring the double-Oscar winner Frances McDormand, “Nomadland” recounts the story of a group of down-on-their luck van dwellers roaming around America. Although Zhao insisted that the film is not political, many critics still see it as a subtle allegory on US’s decline, with its humble heroes clinging onto the last threads of the American dream. Zhao’s win quickly went viral on Chinese social media platforms, with many expressing their pride and gratitude for Zhao’s achievement, which has shown to the world the power of a Chinese female director. Read more Mtime

Film Review: Hong Kong Director Ann Hui’s ‘Love After Love’ is a Pretty But Empty Love Story Set in 1930s 

Celebrated Hong Kong director Ann Hui, whom was just granted the Golden Lion Lifetime Achievement award at the 77th Venice Film Festival earlier this month, brought her latest adaptation film “Love After Love” to the festival’s out-of-competition section. Adapted from one short story from the renowned 20th century author Eileen Chang, “Love After Love” sees Hui exploring the idea of love as a business exchange within the high society in Hong Kong at a time prior to the World War II. Although the film is beautifully crafted, “Love After Love” did not win the hearts of the critics at the festival. Read more Toro Scope