Headlines from China: China’s Box Office Tops 100 Million Yuan in First Reopening Week

China’s Box Office Tops 100 Million Yuan in First Reopening Week

According to Lighthouse Data, a box office tracker and entertainment big data platform, there were about 416,600 screenings arranged across the country in the first week of cinema reopening, and the total gross of all films reaches 109.39 million yuan, which means a 4.17 million admissions in total. Statistics of the first reopening week indicates that the China’s film industry is bouncing back. Last weekend, two new Hollywood blockbusters also started their theatrical run in China. Universal Pictures’ “Dolittle” ended up dominating the market and swept 38.51 million yuan during the first reopening weekend. Sony Pictures’ “Bloodshot” came at second, taking in 20.59 million yuan. Read more yiqipaidianying

Film Executives Discuss How to Restart China’s Film Industry

A group of high-profile film executives were invited to discuss about the recovery of China’s film industry at the opening forum of the 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival, held in Shanghai on July 25. Among them, there are senior vice president of Alibaba Pictures, CEO of Tencent Pictures, Chairman of Bona Film Group and President of Beijing Enlight Media. As more and more movie theaters are on their way to resume business, these industry leaders gathered together to share their insights about the few trends of film distribution and content creation that are taking place in the industry in 2020. Read more SIFFinShanghai