Headlines from China: China Film Co., Ltd. Reshuffles Senior Management

China Film Co., Ltd. Reshuffles Senior Management

On September 26, China Film Co., Ltd. announced that the company hosted a board meeting and elected Jiao Hongfen as the President of the board and Fu Ruoqing as the Vice President. In addition, the board has agreed to hire Fu Ruoqing as the company’s General Manager, effective immediately. China Film Co. was established in 2010 as the distribution unit of state-owned China Film Group Corporation. Han Sanping, who was then the President of China Film Group, also acted as the President of China Film Co. In 2014, Han Sanping retired from his positions. Jiao Hongfen took over his position as the President of China Film Group and La Peikang took over his position at China Film Co. This time, La Peikang will step down after his tenure and Jiao Hongfen will be the second person after Han Sanping to act as the chief of both China Film Group and China Film Co. Read more on Zongyibao

Which Film Will Be China’s Submission for Oscar 2020?

Which film will be China’s entry for the Best International Feature Film at the 92nd Academy Awards? After Taiwan and Hong Kong announced their submissions, the film title to represent China in the 2020 Oscar competition becomes a hit topic. According to an article on WeChat media account yuemuchina, the final film submission may be selected from the following three titles: The Wandering Earth, My People, My Country, and The Captain. When it comes to select a film for Oscar competition, China cares if it can represent the forefront of the country’s development, the state’s will, and the positive spirit more than the film’s artistic values. The science fiction film The Wandering Earth embodies that Chinese people as the center to lead scientific explorations in the future. My People. My Country, and The Captain, two “main-melody” films, are the outstanding ones among tribute films for the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. However, the article also said that the three films, as well as Taiwan’s Dear Ex and Hong Kong’s The White Storm 2, may not have much chance to be nominated in the shortlist as they did not draw much international attention on the film festival circuits. Read more on yuemuchina