Headlines from China: Biopic “The Iron Hammer” Will Premiere on “We Are One” Global Online Film Festival

Biopic “The Iron Hammer” Will Premiere on “We Are One” Global Online Film Festival 

The biographic documentary “The Iron Hammer”, a film that portrays the Chinese beloved legendary athlete Lang Ping, released a one-minute trailer on Tuesday and announced that it will premiere on “We Are One”, the global online film festival hosted by New York Tribeca Film Festival in June. Earlier this year, another sports film “Leap” that features the current Chinese female volleyball team did not release on time because of the coronavirus outbreak. For film fans who have long waited to see these beloved female volleyball athletes on the big screen, “The iron Hammer” might be a good substitution to quench one’s thirst. Read more on Mtime

Film & TV Related Proposals in Annual National Government Meeting “Two Sessions”

After being delayed for two months, the national government gathering “Two Sessions”, the annual meeting of the country’s top legislative and political advisory bodies kicked off last Thursday, and it will continue through this week. From school bullying to divorce law, this year’s gathering has produced a lot of eye-catching and interesting proposals from delegates of the National People’s Congress and members of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. So among these different causes, what are the proposals for film and TV related industry? Read more on zhipianquan