Headlines from China: “Better Days” Winning 8 Awards at 39th Hong Kong Film Awards

“Better Days” Winning 8 Awards at 39th Hong Kong Film Awards

Hong Kong Film Awards went online this year. Without red carpet or any celebrity’s acceptance speech, all the winners were announced by the chairman Derek Yee Tung-sing in a live stream on social media, lasting for only about 30 minuets in total. The mainland film “Better Days”, a poignant youth drama that focuses on teenage bullying in school, sweeps the 2020 edition of the film festival, bringing home eight prizes including best picture, director, screenplay and actress. Read more on Entertainment Unicorn 

Second Edition of “Jin Zhong Youth” Film Awards Officially Launched

On the May Fourth Youth Day, the second edition of “Jin Zhong Youth” Film Awards was officially launched. Created in 2019 by Maoyan Entertainment, “Jin Zhong Youth” Film Awards is aimed at bringing more recognition to lesser-known films and new talents in the industry every year. Relied on Maoyan’s vast dataset, “Jin Zhong Youth” Film Award will combine both the evaluations from industry professionals and these films’ marketing performance supported by data, to create the most thorough metrics for film selection. Read more on Mtime