Headlines from China: Another Science Fiction Novel By Liu Cixin Gets Film Adaption

Another Science Fiction Novel By Liu Cixin Gets Film Adaption

It was announced on August 23  at a press conference that a new Sci-Fi film project has been launched. The film, named as The Supernova Era, is based on the renowned writer Liu Cixin’s novel of the same name. Kong Ergou will be the director and writer of the film. Previously, Kong was a producer of the film adaption of The Three Body Problem, another science fiction novel written by Liu. It is expected that The Supernova Era will be released in two years. The first cast of the film was also revealed at the press conference. Zhang Yichi Read more on Mtime

Bilibili May Cancel Membership Test to Accelerate Growth

China’s ACG and video-sharing platform Bilibili is known for the exclusivity of its membership club. Users need to pass a test to get a full membership, answering 100 questions given by the platform within 60 minutes. However, the test may no longer be the necessary step to become a Bilibili member. According to LatePost, Bilibili is targeting to increase the company’s market value to US$1 Billion in three years. To accelerate its value growth, the company aims to accept more new sign-ups by lowering the threshold for membership applicants and building a team to draw more users. Currently, the company is now valued at US$460 million. Read more on Tencent